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“If you’re in the NHS managing an acute facility, the future lies in deploying an EMR system and digitising your health records. It’s the only way to guarantee clinical care and safety, realise operational savings and efficiencies, and alleviate all the problems which paper systems create. CCube has been a close partner supporting us through this whole change process.”

Neil Darvill - Director of Informatics
St Helens & Knowsley Teaching Hospital

Electronic Document & Records Management Software

CCube EDMS is our core scanning and document management module which captures and stores paper and electronic documents.  It contains all the functions for scanning, indexing and retrieving both paper-based and electronically filed information, including full version control.

Full web-based access to the CCube EDMS is provided via our fully customisable CCube Portal module.

CCube EDMS allows users to scan their documents and hold them in specific batch queues for indexing later, with the module managing a variety of storage devices such as network attached storage (NAS) drives, storage area networks (SANs), optical disc, CD, DVD, tape, microfilm or any combination of mediums.

It is vital to understand that document capture and management isn’t anymore just about the digitisation of paper records to remove storage and sharing issues. Increasingly the majority of information received and generated is electronic which means any EDMS must allow electronic content from other systems to be seamlessly imported to eliminate document folders scattered across various storage servers. In addition, an EDMS must cater for data from online electronic forms which have little or no dependency on paper anyhow. Our CCube EDMS module offers this total capability.

Although the underlying architecture remains the same, CCube Solutions’ approach is to tailor each CCube EDMS deployment according to the specific information needs of a customer and their staff, with facilities built in to minimise or eliminate paper production to ensure organisational efficiency and effectiveness is realised.

In addition, our CCube EDRM module applies and manages document retention and disposal policies, and provides full audit and document tracking capabilities needed to meet current legislation and data protection rules.

CCube EDMS & EDRM key features

  • Fully modular and scalable
  • Fully customisable based on job role
  • Delivers comprehensive document lifecycle management features
  • Comprehensive reporting and auditing features
  • Feature rich content and metadata searching
  • Standards-based with an open architecture
  • Integrates multiple data sources – scanned files, unstructured information and data streams from line of business applications – to create a single repository of corporate information

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