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”It was more cost effective to build our online expense system ourselves. CCube Solutions was the obvious choice given our supplier invoice system uses its underlying EDMS technology, too.”

Jacques Bruyns - Financial System Reporting Accountant
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Records management

Complacency about protecting crucial documents used in your business is no longer an option and applies to all businesses in all vertical sectors. Simply ignoring the issue, could not only land you in legal hot water, but could threaten the very future of your business, too.

Organisations need to put the storage and management of documents at the top of their agendas for two key reasons:

1. External threats to a company’s crucial information are wide and growing, including: hackers, malicious damage, fire, theft and flooding.  Data merely stored on computer hard drives or paper-based filing systems are particularly vulnerable to loss or destruction.

2. Legislation being enacted involving data is growing. Failure to manage electronic documents as formal corporate records will mean that organisations will not be able to comply with the latest government initiatives.

Legislation like the Data Protection Act, and more recently the Freedom of Information Act, and Civil Procedures rules on Electronic Discovery, along with FSA and HMRC guidelines, does require investment and careful application of available technology – at the very least a high-level inventory of a company’s information assets.

We are expert in helping our clients develop and implement a records management strategy – along with associated software – to ensure compliance which includes assessing:

  • What documents are held?
  • Where they are?
  • How they are best stored, protected and accessed?
  • When they can be destroyed?

The solution lies in the implementation of an integrated Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS). Once the preserve of multinationals and major blue chip companies, EDRMS is now firmly within the financial grasp of any business who values the integrity and importance of its information.

CCube Solutions has an established track record providing and implementing EDRMS. At the core of our solutions is our CCube suite which incorporates work flow, electronic document and records management and content management, all designed to meet the ever changing business demands and evolving regulatory requirements.