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”It was more cost effective to build our online expense system ourselves. CCube Solutions was the obvious choice given our supplier invoice system uses its underlying EDMS technology, too.”

Jacques Bruyns - Financial System Reporting Accountant
Centaur Media


Once captured, information must be reliably stored in a manner which allows data to be easily retrieved without creating additional IT management overhead.

CCube Solutions’ EDMS suite accommodates a variety of storage technologies as our software is independent of underlying hardware and compatible with all current storage devices.  We support any of the following or a mixture:

  • Storage Area Networks (SANs);
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) hard-drives;
  • Offline devices such as CD, DVD, optical disc, tape and microfilm.

We store documents in their native format with metadata about them then stored in our EDMS which makes it easy to retrieve, audit, report and apply document retention and disposal polices on this information.

Our way of dealing with storage delivers value for money:

  • We hold documents in an open architecture and avoid using proprietary storage techniques;
  • We only use commercially available storage hardware;
  • We work wherever possible with clients’ existing hardware to minimise any unnecessary implementation costs.

Our approach to storage and document management means that clients implementing a CCube Solution will not only be protected from external threats like theft and physical damage from fire or flood, but be fully compliant with the latest legal obligations surrounding the storing and safeguarding of information as outlined in the Data Protection Act, Freedom of Information Act, Civil Procedures rules on Electronic Discovery and FSA and HMRC guidelines.

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