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”It was more cost effective to build our online expense system ourselves. CCube Solutions was the obvious choice given our supplier invoice system uses its underlying EDMS technology, too.”

Jacques Bruyns - Financial System Reporting Accountant
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Getting data, records or content into your business

Most organisations store valuable corporate information in a hotchpotch of formats – both paper and electronic – with documentation held all over the place in filing cabinets or in numerous sub folders on a variety of network drives.

This incoherent and ill-defined approach to management creates an information potpourri ultimately making it difficult if not impossible for staff to actually find things.

Historically, acquisition was just about the capture and conversion of non-digital documents into an electronic format to remove paper, with the scanned image imported into an EDMS for simple viewing and retrieval.

But digitising paper records today is just not enough. Acquisition must now involve the capture of digital files and data streams as well so that a single integrated repository of all company information is established.  This stops the endless cycle of new paper generation which creates such a management headache.

By installing a CCube EDMS, we help organisations make sense and take control of their information-based assets so accessing, sharing, storing and managing content is easy once and for all.

Our approach to acquisition allows you to

  • Easily capture non digital information in its native format;
  • Easily capture any electronically ‘born’ information such as Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and images for storage in the EDMS;
  • Easily import data from web-based electronic forms;
  • Easily import data streams from other enterprise systems including ERP, financial packages or database systems.

By making it simple to import all corporate information irrespective of the source or data type, we enable organisations to have a universal ‘one world’ view of all their information assets with new documents and data generated automatically populated into the system.

We work with leading scanning hardware and imaging software partners to create a best of breed, value for money ECM solution to fit your specific IT environment and technology policies, and ensure that your information works for your organisation, not against it.

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