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“Our invoice approval process is complex and often requires approval by different people in departments in various locations. CCube’s system has worked well and means we scan, index and workflow invoices for approval and sign off by publishers and ad managers which are then uploaded into our accounts system.”

Alan Dixie - Head of Accountancy Services
Centaur Media

CCube Workflow

The CCube WorkFlow module includes a graphical designer to make it easy to set up business processes and automate the flow and processing of documents between departments and users.

We do this by specifying specific tasks called worklists which are easily defined using drag-and-drop techniques and can be simply changed to accommodate staff who are on holiday or sick for example.

Workflow actions can be programmed to be triggered via existing business applications which in turn can be set to start an external event such as an email or letter being sent.

CCube supports various document types as part of any given workflow including images,  spreadsheets, word processed documents, video, sound, and so on.