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“We see technology as the underpinning tool which will allow the Trust to improve services through productivity and efficiency both from a staff and patient perspective. The new EDMS project with CCube Solutions is a major plank in achieving this.”

Ward Priestman - Director of Informatics
Aintree University Hospital

CCube eForms module – intuitive, interactive and intelligent

To minimise dependency on paper, the CCube eForms module provides the ability for organisations to design, capture and workflow business forms electronically and is completely compatible with any application and industry vertical. Easy to set up, it requires no programming skill to create an eForm.

The form-filling process is intuitive, interactive and intelligent – depending on one answer, different choices are then given to the user for the next question(s).  As the form is completed, data is collected behind the scenes and once finished, an actual form is generated in read-only format, together with the full data set used to then automate back-end business processes.

Our approach is to use the CCube EDMS as the underlying technology for capturing and managing both incoming and outgoing documents, while providing a facility for managing event-based transactions via our integrated workflow engine.

A web-portal based user interface contains all the facilities for user management, and provides access & control of the underlying layers, reports, and other functionality.

Framework & strategy – the key to eForms success

Using eForms only works effectively if there is a clear strategy identified which supports and simplifies a key business process.  Our consultants work closely with customers to develop a practical and effective eForms strategy, with the actual form just a component of this.  We carry out:

  • Requirements analysis;
  • eForms development ;
  • eForms deployment ;
  • eForms end-user experience design and testing;
  • Reporting and support.

Benefits of an eForms strategy

A well thought out eForms strategy and roll out will deliver measurable business benefits, including:

  • Significant reduction in the time required to design online forms;
  • Reduction in data duplication and errors;
  • Reduction in the printing and management costs;
  • Standardisation of procedures and templates;
  • Improved customer service by automating feedback;
  • Improved integrity of business data and its use;
  • Integration with backend EDM & workflow solutions and databases.